Shed the World Outside

Treadwell is a men’s space that combines grooming and wellness services, introducing two natural companions in one shared place:

A real and restorative destination where you can shed the world outside—its noise, its demands, its sheer velocity—and take a moment that’s completely your own.

Grooming services include haircuts, shaves, facials, and hand and foot care; wellness services include massage, a drip spa, and cryotherapy.

The space itself is fluid but thoughtfully partitioned,

blending the communal warmth of a barbershop with the privacy and serenity of a spa. Our staff includes skilled barbers, masseuses, nurses and attendants who share resources, but not roles. Expertise is specialized.

Coming Soon

Our hope is that by creating an intersection where grooming and wellness can comfortably co-exist, we can offer you a natural sanctum that’s on your way, in the know, and always gets it right.

A place that can effortlessly execute your usual—or introduce you to products or services you may never have considered for your personal regimen.

To tread well is to move through the world at your best. However you choose to spend your time with us, our commitment is to helping you take pause. Stay sharp. Go forth. And tread well.